Our Vision

Advertising Technology Simplified

Torch Ad has a vision to open up digital advertising to everyone. Over 90% of businesses worldwide are small to medium enterprises who have limited time, resources or expertise to access existing digital advertising tools.

We are giving the small business owner the same opportunity to promote to their local community as a large multinational company. We are levelling the playing field and providing a future where all businesses can benefit from digital growth.

Existing Problems

Digital Advertising has many issues. It is currently dominated by large companies who make money on volume, control and your data not on quality and transparency. Complexity, lack of transparency, fraud, privacy abuse and jargon are the new normal. Distrust in the industry has reached an alarming yet understandable level.

Irrelevant and unwanted ads

Privacy and data misuse

Lack of buying transparency

Unclear reporting and attribution

Ad fraud

Ad blockers and ad apathy

Long payment cycles

Excess and expensive middlemen

Centralised regulation

Complicated and inaccessible

The Solution - Torch Ad


Fraud Free

Data Ownership


Torch Ad is the initial step in our journey towards a better online advertising future. Digital advertising is a huge and complex industry that cannot be changed overnight. We understand the current limitations of blockchain in the same way that we understand the complexity and fragmentation of ad tech. Our model will be a hybrid of both technologies. The advertiser, the publisher and the user are the cornerstones of digital advertising, but right now are the ones with the least control. Our solution will gradually restore control to these players.



The core team has experience over the last two decades in digital advertising and IT. Offices are in the UK and India. The team is ready to embrace the challenge of changing the future of advertising. In a world of inescapable technological progress our principle is to always keep it simple and inclusive. If you would like to be part of our team, please get in touch.

Jasmine Amin

Group Managing Director & Founder

Sebastian Garel-Jones

Managing Director

Dipam Patel

Operations Director

Daniel Brandt

Business Director

Satdeep Singh

Marketing Director

Vishva Punjabi

Cryptocurrency Trader / Advisor

Key Figures

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